Welcome to Tracethe8s™ Visual Systems

A s a therapist created and owned company, Tracethe8s™ Visual Systems is dedicated to producing innovative, economical and engaging ‘tools of intervention’ that can be easily and practically applied in any setting. We focus on creations that engage the brain on many levels, starting with visual motor integration. Each ‘tool’ is intended to be appealing, intriguing and Fun for each of your clients. Enjoy!

“My daughter’s Occupational Therapist uses the Trace the 8s Visual Systems at therapy. She loves it and requested it for her birthday.”
Krista, PT, Louisiana

Our Products

Both products are also available in combination packages.

  • Racethe8s™2

  • Racethe8s™1

  • Tracethe8s™


How do I use Tracethe8s and Racethe8s systems?

These short videos show the Tracethe8s™ Visual Systems products in action.

Introducing our newest products, Racethe8s.

Using Racethe8s on an obstacle course.

Using Tracethe8s in a typical way.

Using Tracethe8s in a more complex manner.


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