Price includes Domestic Shipping.  Racethe8s1 is an exciting new creation by Tracethe8s™.

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A hands-on, entertaining and visually stimulating activity, Racethe8s™1 can be enjoyed by almost any individual.
Racethe8s™1 by Tracethe8s™ is designed to enhance:

  • Proprioception
  • Tactile perception
  • Visual-motor skills
  • Visual-perceptual skills
  • Attention and focus
  • Working memory
  • Oculomotor skills
  • Sequencing
  • Tracking and Convergence
  • Brain integration
  • Midline crossing skills
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • FUN

Racethe8s™1 by Tracethe8s™ is a unique, creative activity designed exclusively for Tracethe8s™ by founder and owner Steven Kane, OTR. It is consumer and environmentally friendly. We use formaldehyde-free particle board and Zero VOC paint. It does require a “Warning! Choking Hazard: Not for use with children under 3. Adult supervision required” notification, as it uses small balls and marbles.

Racethe8s™1 has two sides, each with a myriad of possible ways to use it. It can be held by the side handles creating a lateral movement of the balls or by the interior handles creating an anterior/posterior movement of the balls. One side of Racethe8s™1 is a more linear version of an 8 pattern, while the other side creates a ‘wiggle’ pattern of the 8 pattern.

There are 3 rubber balls and 1 marble supplied with each Racethe8s™1. This is intended to offer a variety of colors, textures and visual stimulation. The rubber balls create slightly more friction in the tracks, while the marble makes the action faster.

It may be necessary to begin working seated at a desk, table or on your lap, initially just pushing the ball around the pattern with 1 finger at time, crossing midline if possible. A progression from there may be holding Racethe8s™1 by the handles and using one of the balls while supporting the forearms on the desk. Next, may be standing in place, on 2 feet and then 1 foot, while moving the ball around the patterns. It may be performed in half-kneel or tall kneel. A further progression may be to walk in a straight line forwards, backwards and spinning around, then around and over obstacles. To make Racethe8s™1 more complex, you may add cognitive tasks like spelling, math, have a conversation, tell a story, add a ball/marble, place your hands in different places under the board, use only 1 hand to hold the board, and name or look at various objects in different locations in the room as instructed.

As you can see, there is a multitude of ways to use Racethe8s1 as a therapeutic tool while having fun.