Tracethe8s™ Combo B

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Price includes Domestic Shipping.  Tracethe8s™ Combo B includes two visual systems: Tracethe8s™ and Racethe8s™1.

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The progressive challenges presented on the 10 Tracethe8s™ charts lead the individual/client/student through a series of learning experiences that are entertaining, arousing, and fun. The lamination on Tracethe8s™ is easy to use, easy to clean Dry Erase Laminate on which you can use any Dry Erase Marker and Eraser, both of which are initially supplied. The charts are manufactured to withstand years of use tracing the patterns and erasures.

Racethe8s™1 has two sides, each with a myriad of possible ways to use it. It can be held by the side handles creating a lateral movement of the balls or by the interior handles creating an anterior/posterior movement of the balls. One side of Racethe8s™1 is a more linear version of an 8 pattern, while the other side creates a ‘wiggle’ pattern of the 8 pattern.

For more details and information on each of the Tracethe8s™ systems, visit their individual product pages.