“I used the boards at work and decided to buy my own. Very fun and a great addition to my sessions with kids and adults.”

Nikki, OTR, Michigan

“Hi Steven! I got the parcel and it’s fantastic. Really well designed and made. My son and I had lots of fun.”

Sharni, Mom, Teacher, Australia


“I see a variety of adult clients with neurological impairments. Many of my patients are struggling with vision and coordination deficits as a result of stroke or TBI. I have 3 clients in particular that exhibit visual neglect and one with left hemianopsia. As a result, she falls frequently and is very anxious about falling. I have been using your products with these 3 patients as well as other clients, and they all love it. I would even like a bigger version. A PT in our clinic uses the products with her pediatric clients. Thank you for engineering these products.”

Melissa F., OTR, Houston, Tx


“I am writing in gratitude to Steven for creating fun and engaging tools with his Racethe8s and Tracethe8s products. I have what might be called an alternative physical therapy practice where I work with a wide variety of clients primarily as a Feldenkrais practitioner, and also incorporating what I have learned in Brain Gym and other neurodevelopmentally oriented movement classes. I have used the Racethe8s products for some time finding it popular with both kids and some adults. There is such a variety of ways to use these. Here are some examples from my practice: I have an adult client with CP with one side significantly more involved with whom I place it on the table and she moves the marble around using the hand contralateral to the side of the track. Kids I work with use the tracks in many ways; some work on balance along with visual tracking. I have only had the Tracethe8s charts for a couple of weeks, but those clients who have used it seem to enjoy and benefit from it.

Marsha Novak, PT, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practictioner, Anat Baniel Method (sm) Certified. Bainbridge Island, Wa.


“Trace the 8’s has been a great addition for my vision therapy practice. I can use Trace the 8’s for my patients with binocular dysfunctions as well as visual perceptual deficits. The way it is designed makes it very versatile and adaptable to many different patient types and disorders. I am constantly finding new ways to use Trace the 8’s in therapy.”

Monica Stotler., O.D.,  Prescott, Az.

“2 days of Racethe8s and the therapists are using it non-stop and loving it! Really excellent for multitasking. Plan to put up a cork board so we can mount the Tracethe8s at different heights for our little and big people, but doing it on lap slant board also works. Thank you. ”

Dr. Mark Kaufman O.D., Sugarcreek, Ohio


“My kids have loved working with your boards-Racethe8s-this year!

Katarina, Senior Teacher, Western Australia


“We are loving the Racethe8s boards. I have students use them as they wait in line to meet with me. It’s a great way to keep them occupied AND doing something constructive. Thank you so much for designing such an amazing product! You rock, Steven Kane.”

Heidi J., Arrowsmith Instructor, Washington

“The material has arrived and it’s amazing! I’ve been working with it for the past couple of days, first on myself and then on my son. It’s great! I am making it a fun activity among the others he is doing. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you so very much.”

Paola, mother, Brazil

“I use Trace the 8s as well as Race the 8s as a grades K-2 school based therapist. The kids really love the new Race the 8s! I am now using a green ball on the red track while the student wears red/green glasses to ensure both eyes being used. My students often start by learning the activity seated with arms resting on the table but quickly move on from there with balance and strength challenges added in. Trace the 8s gives provides me with a systematic approach and also gives me the feedback I need so that I know they are actually visually attending/tracking. I generally use Trace the 8s on vertical while standing on a balance board. RTI interventionists and resource room teachers like Trace the 8s as well because of the systematic approach. Both products are very well made and are sure to last a good long time.”

Kristen Inman, MOT, OTR/L


“I have used Tracethe8s in a lot in all different ways. Standing, standing on balance board, lying down, etc. i have added cognitive skills, when you get to a triangle say a fruit, I’ve added motor skills, when you get to a triangle do 10 jumping jacks. I have them trace with their finger first and then use a marker. Kids love those heavy duty markers. It’s really interesting to see different types of kids use them. Its hard for a lot of them to keep their head still in the middle. I definitely recommend Tracethe8s for therapists to use. Its an easy tool to carry with you and the kids enjoy doing it.”

Michelle Mintz, OTR/L, CST



“Tracethe8s are amazing. I use them everyday in my classroom and I can truly see progress. I have witnessed one student in particular, who could not focus and follow the 8s from one side to the other, progress in a very short time to the more difficult 8s, saying the letters and shapes as she went. Everyday I see greater focus and patience in my students, not only while tracing the 8’s but throughout their day. Tracethe8s provides a quick and easy oppportunity for students to strengthen attention and focus, eye-hand coordination, sequencing skills and much more. And as a bonus, the kids like to do it!”

Angela Knox, Special Education Teacher – Extended Resource

Humboldt Unified School District

“Tracethe8s has been a useful tool with both my elementary and middle school students that require activities to improve eye-hand coordination, crossing midline, right/left discrimination, focus, following directions, pre-writing skills, problem solving and multi-tasking. All grade levels have found it to be motivating and fun. It is versatile in that it can be modified for use at a table, or pinned or taped to the wall. It can be adapted to any level of disability. It makes an ideal tool for the therapist that uses their car to store and transport equipment because it is light weight, compact and easy to carry from place to place. Fun and motivating, combined with effective treatment outcomes, makes Tracethe8s a must for any therapist’s “bag of tricks”.

Deanne Heitzman OTR, Az

“I have been using Tracethe8s with my elementary school kids and have found it to very user friendly. It is a great addition to the other tools I use for working on crossing midline, eye-hand coordination and tracking skills. Kids really enjoy it and it’s easy/light to carry to all my schools. It gets my vote of approval!” Bea Preciado OTR, NYC

“Tracethe8s incorporates a more evolved system for gradually enlisting, executing and bilaterally integrating the underlying components of visual and perceptual motor functions. I like how it enables one to upgrade the challenges with oral motor and higher order cognitive and executive functions in an organized and very user friendly process.

Ira Silverman OTR, NYC

“I have provided OT services in an educational setting for the past 16 years. I currently use Tracethe8s with my elementary age students to improve visual processing, attention to task, bilateral integration and sensory processing skills. Tracethe8s is very adaptable and is limited only by your own creativity as to the various ways it can be integrated into your treatment plans. My students are genuinely motivated to use the program and are excited when they see their progress! I highly recommend adding this reasonably priced tool to your therapy equipment inventory.”

Michelle Mcginnis COTA, Az

“Tracethe8s is an excellent program to use with a wide variety of students! Working in a middle school for the past twelve years, I have found few programs such as this. Tracethe8s assists students with sensory processing disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficits and cognitive delays to greatly improve attention to task, memory skills, self-regulatory skills, bilateral integration and organizational skills. I highly recommend this educational tool to therapists! It can be adapted in various creative ways and graded to meet the needs of your particular student.”

Kirk Tolchin OTR NYC

“As a school based therapist, I use Tracethe8s frequently with my students. It is a great tool for working on eye tracking and improving attention to task. It is very useful to have the various sizes and design complexities to work with a wide range of abilities. The students I work with are interested in the designs and enjoy completing them.”

April Darley OTR, Az